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Kaokoland & Damaraland

Ovahimba Woman doing thei daily choresOvahimbasOvahimbasOvahimbasInhabitants of the thousands of square kilometres of Kaokoland are entirely dependent on short heavy rainfalls after which the Kunene river floods its banks. In this area, hardly touched by modern civilization lives a nomadic tribe - the Ovahimbas. These proud people still live as they did hundreds of years ago, sticking to their ancient beliefs and traditions.

Adjoining the southern section of the Skeleton Coast Park is the Damaraland. Both Kaokoland and Damaraland are renowned for their diversity of desert landscape, the Table Mountains, the Desert Elephant, the endangered Black Rhino and the strange "fossil" tree, Welwitschia Mirabilis.

Preferred Accommodation Establishments

Ohakane Lodge / "wild dog" - himba
Hobatere Lodge / "this place is good for me" - damara
Mowani Mountain Camp / the "place of God"
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge / "doubtfull fountain" - afrikaans
Huab Lodge / scenic setting on the Huab river
Palmwag in the heart of DamaralandPalmwagFingerklip Lodge / "the finger of stone" - in the ancient landscape of the Ugab terraces
Damaraland Camp / winner of the Silver Otto award for the best ecotourism project in the world
Palmwag / waving palms whispering in the wind - in the heart of Damaraland
Rhino Camp / (Wildernis)

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