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Skeleton Coast

Namibia's coastal shorelineCoastThe world's most treacherous and barren shoreline starts south of the Orange River, including the whole Namibian coastline and continues across the Kunene River into Angola.
The Skeleton Coast is the product of dense coastal fogs and cold sea breezes caused by the icy Benguela ocean current. It is part of the Namib Desert, the Namib Naukluft Park in the south, the Skeleton Coast Park (which is about 40 km wide and covers 16 390 square km) in the north (between the Ugab and the Kunene Rivers) and the Iona Park in Angola.

Cape Fur Seals at Cape CrossSealsThis current deposits sand from the Orange- and Olifants River along the southern coast. North of Walvis Bay the current flow moves offshore away from the coast and therefore the northern coastal belt is relatively dune free. The Skeleton Coast is littered with whalebones, shipwrecks and the remains of sailors and explorers. The largest breeding colony of Cape Fur Seals along the coast of South-Africa and Namibia is found here, at Cape Cross.


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