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Swakopmund & Walvis Bay

Aerial Photo of SwakopmundSwakopmundSwakopmund, Namibia's top holiday resort is also popular amongst visitors because of it's old-warm charm and relaxed atmosphere. Founded in 1892 during the period of German colonial rule, it served as the territory's main harbour for many years. The distinct German colonial character has been well preserved and today many of the old buildings serve a usefull purpose.

North of this beautiful town are the salt works, described as enviromentally friendly and the feeding ground for thousands of wetland birds. Another attraction, further up north along the coast is the seal reserve, Cape Cross.

Aerial Photo of Walvis BayPelicansWalvis Bay, Namibia's major harbour town and a former enclave to South-Africa, which was incorporated into Namibia's coastal salt mines (production through evaporation of sea water), south of Walvis Bay, attracting thousands of birds. Here, 24 million tons of sea water are processed anually to produce more than 400 000 tons of high quality salt.


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